Dreamed up and created by food scientist Kirsten Sutaria, this new plant based gelato brand had high aspirations and a lot of heart. The category was quickly growing and they knew they had an innovative product to bring to market. They just needed a strategy and visuals to bring it all to life!

Insights & Strategy

What really makes Doozy Pots unique is the founder story. We wanted the visuals to tell the story of a female-owned, food science fueled, better-for-you, better for the planet indulgence. We took a look at the competition to uncover a visual language that would stand out and resonate with the savvy plant-based consumer.


The new visual identity can be summed up in two words: magical alchemy. Leaning on the founding female innovator story, the visuals are immediately engaging and provocative. The character, logo, and supporting illustrations all work together to create a package that cannot be ignored on shelf. The messaging strategy was built around the spirit of imagination fueling a healthier (and more delicious) planet. With an arresting visual identity and aspirational personality, Doozy Pots has quickly made a name for themselves as a fast-growing challenger brand in the category.


Within the first two years of launch, Doozy Pots gained national distribution at Sprouts and distribution at other notable retailers like Erewhon and Heinans. In 2021, Plant Based News called Doozy one of 7 Plant Based Foods to Watch.

“We met Kelly just as our brand was starting and instantly clicked. As a small, young brand navigating through the brand design process can be challenging and expensive so a good relationship was key for us. We have always felt like Kelly was a team member and collaborator, rather than us being just a client. She understands what a small brand needs to succeed and goes above and beyond to support growth. Kelly’s enthusiasm and creativity really helped bring our brand to life in a way we could have never imagined. She has a killer sense of humor, which is often needed in the wild world of CPG.”– Kirsten Sutaria, Founder Wonderlab Doozy Pots

Our team’s role: brand strategy, naming, creative direction, logo and packaging design. Project executed while at The GRO Agency.

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