Brand Strategy
"If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place." - Eckhart Tolle "If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place." - Eckhart Tolle
People buy brands that make them feel.

Without insightful strategy, your brand could end up looking just like the next one. Or worse, your design and messaging could be misaligned with what you stand for.

Without a deep understanding of the target consumer and a smart strategy around how to connect with them, your brand will not be relatable–which comes across as disjointed, inauthentic, forgettable or just blah.

Brand Strategy Services

A successful brand strategy positions your brand squarely in the center of a consumer need and creates the foundation upon which the visuals and messaging are built. Our process is thoughtfully designed to create a foundation that authentically sets your brand apart from the pack.

Every brand has a story to tell. We’ll uncover your unique differentiator and establish who you’re talking to, why they should care, and how best to reach them, with a singular point-of-view and a solid position for growth.

Research & Insights

A magical alchemy of consumer insights, competitive analysis, whitespace and market opportunity discovery. This, plus our deep understanding (obsession?) with the category helps us create truly breakthrough strategies.

Brand Positioning

This is where your brand is born–and reborn. We clarify your target: Who’s going to run out and buy your brand? What do they care about, how do they feel? Then we craft a meaningful position: How can your brand become an essential part of their life? What does it look like, how does it sound? In the end, you’ll be able to sum up your brand in just a few words.


Ah-ha moments, guaranteed. In person or virtual, our strategy workshops are highly collaborative and designed to achieve team alignment and a solid brand position.

Brand Stories & Messaging Strategy

A distinctive story in a unique voice that is compelling to consumers will inform your brand design, create new connections, and help build a framework for the rest of your messaging strategy.


Yes, we would love to name your brand! It’s our favorite. We craft names that are memorable, connect emotionally with the target audience, and are rooted in the brand strategy.

Creative Campaign Development

Once the brand framework is in place, we create smart brand or shopper campaigns to win the hearts and minds of consumers and retailers alike.


There is nothing that gets us going quite like innovative food trends, cutting edge packaging, and brands that want to break the mold. Lets geek out and collaborate.

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“Kelly’s vast food and beverage experience and expertise are only rivaled by her personal passion and investment in the brands she works with.” — Beth Ann Shaeffer, founder NOPE

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