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Ian’s was known as the main player in gluten-free frozen foods, and their loyal consumer base relied on them as the only brand to meet their family’s allergen needs. But Ians saw an opportunity to expand their market share with a re-positioned brand and new visual language. The founder of Ian’s created the brand to solve a problem for his son: a gluten-free version of family classics- fish sticks, chicken nuggets, and other child-friendly favorites. That consumer need was being solved, but how could the brand stretch beyond gluten-free without alienating their core consumer?

Insights & Strategy

Through thoughtful research and analysis–we built a creative strategy that allowed Ian’s to connect with a broader (but still targeted) audience, utilizing benefits already innate to the brand. The new Ian’s visual identity and packaging communicates a new message: the comfort foods you crave–free from common allergens. This position expands the audience beyond gluten-free, but doesn’t contradict how existing customers feel about the brand.


The new visual identity was reimagined–modernized, while maintaining a natural, homemade quality. The new logo is an elevated nod to the former brandmark, maintaining consistency with a look consumers had grown to trust The packaging design brings that delicious appetite appeal to the forefront with new photography. To emphasize the natural, simple ingredients, we created a visual style that feels handmade and unprocessed. The balance between more upscale photography and rustic design elements gives the brand a unique perspective in the category–leaving the consumer with a warm, homey feeling that the conventional brands miss altogether.


Our team’s role: brand strategy, naming, creative direction, logo and packaging design. Project executed while at The GRO Agency.

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