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Your packaging has 7 seconds to convince the shopper to buy, and we know exactly how to close the sale with killer brand and packaging design.

A brand’s visual identity and packaging design are how consumers intuitively connect, engage with, and remember your brand.

Creative campaigns take your brand story into the real world.

Website, digital, social and in-store executions all work to amplify your brand voice and deepen the connection with the consumer through meaningful activations.


Brand Design Services

Identity Design

We bring your brand personality to life in a meaningful way with a full visual identity, including logo, colors, design treatments, icons and other graphic elements. Informed by the brand strategy and goals, we create a visceral connection between consumer and brand through thoughtful design.

Packaging Design

Packaging is your CPG brand’s most important marketing tool. The best ad campaign in the world can’t undo the damage of package with weak positioning and visuals. We design packaging that grabs attention, connects with the consumer and creates an everlasting bond.

With 20+ years of CPG packaging design experience, we’re the biggest packaging geeks around.

Brand Activation

Online, in-store, or out in the world–your brand is always in conversation with consumers. We help keep that conversation going with connective brand activations. Need a killer website? Social, digital, collateral? A great marketing campaign? No matter the vehicle, we always consider the shoppers path-to-purchase and the brand’s unique point-of-view when crafting activations that convert.


The right photography can bring your brand’s packaging and activations to life. From tabletop to lifestyle, we’ll make sure your brand brings their best selves to the party.

Video & Motion

The creative collaboration with our partner agency, runs deep. Together we make some pretty incredible video content.

“Kelly’s enthusiasm and creativity really helped bring our brand to life in a way we could have never imagined.” — Kirsten Sutaria, founder Doozy Pots

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