NOPE created a new alternative cocktail and was looking to launch in the emerging NoLo beverage category. They needed a unique position and visuals to stand out in this rapidly growing category (expected to grow 34% by 2024) .

Insights & Strategy

The target consumer –who we call “sober curious”–wants a beverage that is celebratory and fun, that seamlessly fits into their social scene. Mostly Gen X and Millennials–this consumer cares about inclusivity and wants to be part of the party–on their terms. Most other brands in the category had a serious tone and sophisticated messaging. Our approach was to disrupt the category with irreverent communication and livelier visuals.


The NOPE brand is positioned to answer the needs of the consumer. The visual identity and communication strategy are fun, sassy, and visually in line with traditional alcoholic beverages–empowering the consumer to be discreet about their choices. The bold personality and irreverent spirit of the brand really shine through in the inclusive illustration style and quirky messaging. Each can asks a question that most sober curious consumers can relate to: “Wanna wake up with a misspelled face tattoo?” “Wanna drunk text your ex?” NOPE. Infused with eye-catching sass and spirit, NOPE gives consumers a celebratory beverage without the hangover.


“You brought a level of passion to this project that matched my own to create something that not only we love but our customers can’t put down. They’re hooked and we are grateful!” – Beth Ann Schaeffer, founder NOPE

Our team’s role: creative strategy, creative direction, logo and packaging design. Project executed while at The GRO Agency.

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