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Happy Moose was a well established Bay Area juice company, and they were gaining some traction in the saturated national juice market. Their brand identity and packaging, however, lacked a clear point-of-view and focus. They wanted to communicate their unique value proposition and develop a more authentic voice so they could grow their audience and expand their distribution.

Insights & Strategy

The real heart and soul of the Happy Moose brand is rooted in the creative background of the founder. Dogtown, Z boys, and California skate vibes are what really inspire him. Our goal was to bring that feeling to life through the visual language and packaging design.


The new brand identity and packaging design bring a “70s California good-feeling-vibe” to life, and infuses an authentic personality into the brand. The design connects emotionally with the consumer, through a vibrant color palette and nostalgic typography. The quirky graphic details (a surfing moose!) projects a feeling of joy and wellbeing. The redefined messaging tells the story of the tree-ripened, hand harvested heirloom ingredients; and the unique flavor combinations that delight consumers. The brand mission also comes through with community partnerships and support–solidifying Happy Moose as a brand spreading happiness, one sip at a time.


Happy Moose saw an immediate lift in sales velocities and were contacted by one of the top 10 food & beverage retailers after they saw the new designs.

“In a world full of hit-or-miss firms and agencies, Mudge is a breath of fresh air because you know they’re bringing their A-game and you’re going to be satisfied, every time that they’re involved. – Ryan Armistead, Founder, Happy Moose

Our team’s role: creative strategy, creative direction, logo and packaging design, illustration. Project executed while at The GRO Agency.

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