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Oberto is a well-loved meat snack brand, but they were seeing a decline in sales. They saw an opportunity to reposition the brand to better appeal to the needs of the current consumer. Their fitness oriented, snack on-the-go positioning was not resonating as well as it could. The competitive landscape was changing and consumer interests were leaning in a new direction.

A redesign was needed to reinvigorate Oberto’s core product base with the right message, and enable expansion outside of the inner aisle, to the deli and meat counter.

Insights & Strategy

Based on competitive and consumer research we identified three strategic positions, developed design concepts based on those positions, and tested them among consumers. The original positioning for the brand–“fuel for active living”–was not compelling to consumers.

We found that the most resonant position for Oberto is as a heritage brand with a 100 year history and Italian roots. Our approach was to bring the heritage position to life through authentic brand storytelling and a more premium visual language that resonated better with the target consumer.


Inspired by consumer’s interest in authenticity and quality, we developed a visual identity and messaging strategy that focuses on Oberto’s 100 year history, premium ingredients and family recipes. The new identity design is modern & upscale, and nods to the family’s Italian roots without being over-the-top. The logo establishes a sense of history without feeling dated or pedestrian.

Tapping the Oberto family photo archives, we built a package design that feels authentic, premium and stands out from the competition. Strong color differentiation plays against a compelling brand block on a historical backdrop. The new look & feel lends itself well to expansion outside of the center of the store, and into the periphery where there is even more traffic.


With the new branding in place, Oberto had their first successful national launch outside the shelf stable meat category into refrigerated charcuterie

“Kelly and her folks are terrific. They do a fantastic job adapting their work to our multiple brands and catering creative and deliverables to best serve each initiative. They understand and fully appreciate that each project is different and they do a great job digging in to understand the specific needs about each one and the unique brand and proposition it needs to adhere. The packaging work for both our Bavarian Meats® brand and our Snake River Farms® Wagyu Jerky are prime examples of their ability to internalize the sensibilities of a brand and have been huge successes in Costco.” – Stephen O’Hare, Director of Marketing, Oberto Snacks Inc

Our team’s role: creative strategy, creative direction, logo and packaging design. Project executed while at The GRO Agency.

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