Heralogie is an eco-friendly period underwear brand needing a good ol’ fashioned brand facelift to better communicate its unique value proposition more intuitively.

A brand for the mindful menstruator, Heralogie envisions a world with unbridled access to effective, sustainable, and comfortable period products.

Selling cute underwear is one thing; marketing a sustainable – and most importantly trustworthy – period product to an audience very well-versed in menstruation products takes ingenuity.

Insights & Strategy

Where Thinx broke ground with their sleek and stylish products, the brand turned around and poisoned the proverbial waterhole with $5 million settlement over “forever chemicals” leaving consumers wary of the quality of their hygiene products.

Made from a super safe, super soft derivative of beech wood called Tencel, Heralogie’s eco-friendly period undies offer peace of mind alongside comfort in a surprisingly volatile space.

We aligned our vibes with eco-conscious brands like Allbirds, Tumi, Pact, and Little Sesame to find inspiration in how they balance sustainability with safety.


Brand transparency and brand loyalty go a long way with menstruation products. Above all, people want a period solution they can trust every time.

Heralogie wanted to deliver that statement of trust alongside a promise of sustainability and comfort – like “aw snap, I forgot I have my period” comfort.

We crafted an upgraded brand strategy and overall identity boost with a brand facelift that put it all on the table with the vigor of that person in the bathroom stall yelling, “Does anybody have a tampon?!”

We simplified the communication hierarchy with an organic typeface listing every reason these undies can be trusted. Paired with muted earthy colors and an intuitive window that uses the fabric itself to gauge absorbency, we drove home Heralogie’s core value of transparency.

Sometimes, it takes an entourage (à la the smash hit HBO show Entourage) to deliver a powerful brand statement in a way that makes people feel safe.


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