We knew this packaging had to convey excitement, nostalgia, and Capital F fun while still preserving brand recognizability.

We shifted our gaze to appeal directly to the gurgling tummies roaming supermarkets searching for snacks with the promise of natural ingredients and an authentic Latin recipe.

Insights & Strategy

Instead of being locked down by the established brand layout, we knew we had to infuse joyful energy, playful typography, and a robust photo shoot so these Churro Cookie Sandwiches could shine.


We created a playful, authentic sub-brand through intelligent on-pack communication, delicious product photography, and lifestyle images to support the launch.

The packaging seamlessly fits in with the rest of the brand portfolio and still holds its own on the shelf to communicate the novelty and newness of the product.

We captured Helado lovers’ joyful reactions to these authentic Latin treats through energetic photography and engaging videos.


Our team’s role: Brand identity, packaging design, product and lifestyle photography and video, digital and POS.

Connect with us

Connect with us

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