We’ve helped hundreds of companies position their brands, and the sad truth is that many emerging brands don’t have the budget to work with an agency on their first foundational brand strategy—and it really hurts them. It’s more important now than ever that brands launch with a thoughtful position in the market and visuals that convey that positioning. 

And some brand founders want to do it themselves- maybe they’re marketers or have some background and want to craft their own strategy, but need some guidance and how-to tools to get across the finish line.

So, we created a course to help CPG food/beverage brands understand branding foundations and packaging fundamentals. The course includes accompanying workbooks and templates to help brands develop a unique, consumer-centric brand positioning and packaging design that makes their target consumer fall in love with their brand.

5 Reasons Your Brand Needs Our Course 

1. What you don’t know will hurt your brand

    There’s a time and place for the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality—radical brand building is not one of them. This role requires you to be in the know on everything tangentially related to your brand. 

    We’ll teach you how to build your brand from the ground up, why this foundational work is important, and how to do it yourself without spending serious bucks on an agency.

    2. You know just enough to be perilous

      So, you think you’re a pro! Yeehaw! Knowing your brand positioning is a huge step forward, but puts a lot of work on your plate. 

      Instead of going the “DIY OR DIE” route, we’ll teach you how to do things the better, smarter, logical way and how to avoid pitfalls like designing something yourself (don’t do this) or paying your nephew to do it for you (please don’t do this). 

      3. You think your brand is “for everyone” 🙁

        Spoiler alert: It’s not! Nor should it be! When a brand is for everyone, a brand is for no one. 

        Narrowing down and identifying your target audience leads to brand loyalty, higher conversion rates, and a more effective communication strategy overall. We’ll show you how and why you should always choose a target audience and how some of the most successful brands today once started as a niche product.

        4. You’re DIY-ing your packaging. Or your sister-in-law is doing it.

          Have you learned nothing from your nephew?! You’ll learn all the basics of food/bev packaging, so you go into your design with eyes wide open We’ll teach you some of the industry best practices of how to make packaging successful; what to put on the front, what to leave for the back, and how to tell your brand story in just a couple inches of space. 

          5. You cycle through agencies and/or designers, and they just never get it right 😮

            If you find yourself stuck running in circles…the problem might not be the agency. It’s you – hi – you’re the problem, it’s you. Our branding & packaging course teaches you how to speak about your brand with conviction and authority. Understanding your brand on a deeper level empowers founders to communicate their vision with designers, and stakeholders. 

            No brand is an island, but sometimes a brand can be an island resort expertly staffed by monkey butlers trained to ensure the island runs efficiently, gains audience share, and generates profit.

            Mudge Food & Bev Brand Bootcamp distills real-life learnings from 20+ years in CPG food and beverage branding into practical, easy-to-digest tools for founders and entrepreneurs.

            From fine-tuning brand purpose to choosing your target demographic, Mudge Food & Bev Brand Bootcamp covers the major processes, systems, and templates needed to craft compelling brand stories and do cool shit. Coming soon. Join the waitlist now.